What is Free Bet?


Free Bet is a way where a bookmaker offers you a free, risk-free bet of a certain amount but against a fixed amount that must be deposited. In simple, it is a kind of bonus that you will receive as a free bet once you deposit that certain amount in your account. However, before you withdraw your earnings, the basic rules are to have it rolled up at least three times at odds of 2.00 or greater. Whenever you choose a bookmaker, the first thing that will entice you are those incentives offered and they may seem pretty straightforward. But when you go through their terms and conditions, most of the times they tell that this is not free money.

Let say that a bookmaker is offering a $30 Free Bet offer for new sign ups. However, when you go through their TOC, you will learn that you must place a bet with personal cash before you can claim the free bet offer. As mentioned earlier that this has to be with offs of 2.00 and then you will be eligible for claiming this free bet offer.

Disadvantages of Free Bet

  • The terms and conditions usually demand a cash deposit and a certain duration of betting on the website.
  • Most of the bookmakers will try to accelerate you towards a less profitable market. In simple, they will force you into a losing Of course, they need to make money as well.
  • Whenever it is time to withdraw you are likely to be forced, make ever more bets before doing that.

Once you fulfill all the conditions of the bookmaker, they will then allow you to withdraw the winning from the promo cash. In simple, you will be spending somewhere between $100-$200 before you can make a withdrawal and claim the free bet offer.

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