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Mechanism behind online slot machines and different types of online slot games:

There is a plethora of games revolving around free online slot machines available at the click of your mouse or the touch of your fingertips. However, grasping the concept of several different types of free online slot games and comprehension of their mechanism can prove itself to be a cumbersome task for beginners. We have redacted this handy guide to walk you through different types of online slot games and how they work.

The primary motive behind playing these games and freeslots, just like any other is game, is winning and winning big. To win, you ought to know the game inside out. For that purpose, it is imperative to understand which type of slot games are more rewarding and easy to crack. Slot games vary with respect to their payout ratios. It is, therefore, advised to read up on the payout percentages of the slot games you intend on playing. This research will assist you in filtering out the slots which are more rewarding and in  working out the actual payout ratio of each of your sessions logged into these games.


There are two primary types of slot games with respect to the amount of risk and rewards attached to them. Low variance slot games involve spinning lower valued stakes as opposed to higher ones in  high variance slots.

These slot games are renowned or should I say infamous owing to their addictive nature and you will find yourself more often than not, frequenting these sites to play particular type of slot games to satiate your inner gambling addict.

One aspect that is quite troubling and confusing for online slot playing rookies is comprehension of reel symbols and their multiple functions. It is, therefore, recommended to read up on different types of reel symbols and their functions before jumping into the world of free online slot games.

Should You Learn Poker and Make Money?

There are many people who spend several nights playing online poker on some popular platforms around the world like Betting365, BandarQ, William Hills, etc. to play earn some money. I would recommend you to learn poker and make money because it is possible to earn money with online poker. But it isn’t that easy as it may seem. You can sign up for an online poker site, deposit money and play any of your favorite game. However, without learning proper skills and techniques, you’ll simply lose your money on every wager you make.


I have seen that people who stick with the game have several reasons for this and most of them are motivated by the prospects of top earning poker players. Even though I was quite impressed seeing some massive figures one of my friends was earning just by playing poker. He has even quit her job and relies totally on poker money. Not to mention that she went through 2 years of non-stop struggle, learning, failures and losses before she was finally able to make a consistent amount of money each month. This is why we always emphasize on the fact that poker is not a game of luck it is a game of skill.

So, those asking whether they should learn poker and make money should also understand that it is not easy. You have to build up a solid foundation based on pure skills and knowledge of poker. It is possible that luck might play its part and you hit a home run but not always. To make a consistent sum each month, skill, hard work and determination is required and you can only do that if you are ready to bear the losses and learn from your mistakes. Else, choose a different way of making money!